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Station Pier Cruise Ship Schedule

Cruise ship schedule 2018-19

Access to Station Pier
Cruise season usually runs from spring to autumn and Station Pier is closed to the public when cruise ships are berthed. The West Finger Pier is a good vantage point to view the ships. For more information, including car parking and transport, see Visiting Station Pier page.

When ships will pass through Port Phillip Heads:
Arrivals - subtract 3.5 hours from Station Pier ETA.  Departures - add 3.5 hours to Station Pier ETD.

Scheduled cruise ship visits to Melbourne and other Victorian ports. At 06 February 2019.

 Turnaround visits - ship name bold with (T)  Partial turnaround (>500 pax) - ship name bold with (pT)
See berth locations and shipping agents' contact details below.

​Ship​ ​​​​ETA at berth​ ​​ETD from berth ​​Berth​Agent
Sea Princess​Tue 02 Oct 2018​0700Tue 02 Oct 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Majestic PrincessFri ​12 Oct 2018​0800Fri ​12 Oct 2018 ​1800​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Thu ​25 Oct 2018​0600Thu ​25 Oct 2018​1600​OWSPISS​
NoordamSat ​27 Oct 2018​0800Sat ​27 Oct 20182359​OWSP​ISS
Caledonian Sky (T)​Mon 29 Oct 2018​0800​Mon 29 Oct 2018​1200​OWSP​ISS
Majestic PrincessSat 0​3 Nov 20180800​Sat 03 Nov 2018​1800​OWSP​ISS
​Pacific Explorer​Mon 0​5 Nov 2018​​0800​Wed 07 Nov 2018​​1600​​OWSP​​ISS
Pacific EdenMon 05 Nov 2018​0800​Wed 0​7 Nov 2018​1800​IWSP​ISS
Carnival SpiritTue 0​6 Nov 2018​0800Thu 0​8 Nov 2018​1930​OESPISS​
​Pacific Dawn​Tue 06 Nov 2018​0800​Wed 0​7 Nov 2018​1600​VD​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Thu 0​8 Nov 2018​0600​Thu 08 Nov 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Celebrity SolsticeSat ​10 Nov 2018​0800Sat ​10 Nov 2018​1800​OWSP​WSS
Carnival Legend (T)Tue ​13 Nov 2018​0600Tue ​13 Nov 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
NoordamTue ​20 Nov 2018​0800​Tue 20 Nov 20181830​​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Wed ​21 Nov 2018​0600Wed ​21 Nov 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)​Fri 23 Nov 2018​0700​Fri 23 Nov 2018​1700​OWSP​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Mon ​26 Nov 2018​0700​Mon 26 Nov 2018 ​1600​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)​Tue 27 Nov 2018​0800Tue ​27 Nov 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Sat 0​1 Dec 2018​0700Sat 0​1 Dec 2018​1800​OWSP​ISS
NoordamSun 0​2 Dec 2018​0800​Mon 03 Dec 2018​1700​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Tue 0​4 Dec 2018​0600Tue 0​4 Dec 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Sat 0​8 Dec 2018​0700Sat 0​8 Dec 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Majestic PrincessMon ​10 Dec 2018​0800Mon ​10 Dec 2018​1800​OWSP​ISS
Seven Seas Mariner​Mon 10 Dec 2018​1000​Tue 11 Dec 2018​2359​OESP​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)Tue ​11 Dec 2018​0700Tue ​11 Dec 2018 ​1600​OWSP​ISS
Seven Seas Mariner​Wed 12 Dec 2018​0700​Wed 12 Dec 2018​1800​G​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)Sat ​15 Dec 2018​0700Sat ​15 Dec 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
AIDAauraSun ​16 Dec 2018​0700Sun ​16 Dec 2018​2200​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Mon ​17 Dec 20180600​Mon ​17 Dec 2018​1700​OWSP​ISS
Seabourn SojournMon ​17 Dec 2018​0800​Mon 17 Dec 2018​2300​PI​ISS
​Norwegian Jewel​Tue 18 Dec 2018​0900​​Tue 18 Dec 2018​2200​OWSP​WSS
Seabourn SojournTue ​18 Dec 2018​0800Tue ​18 Dec 2018​1800​OESP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Wed 19 Dec 2018​0700​Wed 19 Dec 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
Viking OrionWed 19 Dec 2018​0930Wed 19 Dec 2018​2300​OESP​WSS
Sun PrincessFri ​21 Dec 2018​0800Fri ​21 Dec 2018​1800​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Sat ​22 Dec 2018​0700Sat 22 Dec 2018​​1700​OWSP​ISS
​Norwegian Jewel​Sun 23 Dec 2018​​0900​Mon 24 Dec 2018​1700​OWSP​​WSS
Maasdam​Sun ​23 Dec 2018​0800​​Sun ​23 Dec 2018​1700​OESP​ISS
​Seabourn Encore​Sun ​23 Dec 2018​0800​Sun ​23 Dec 2018​2300​PI​ISS
Seabourn Encore​Mon 24 Dec 2018​0800Mon ​24 Dec 2018​1800​OESP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Thu ​27 Dec 2018​0800Thu ​27 Dec 2018​1600​OWSP​ISS
​Majestic Princess​Fri 28 Dec 2018​0800​Fri 28 Dec 2018​1800​OWSP​ISS
Celebrity SolsticeWed 0​2 Jan 2019​0800Wed 02 Jan 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
Golden Princess (T)​Fri 04 Jan 2019​0700Fri ​04 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Azamara Quest (T)Sun 0​6 Jan 2019​0700Sun 0​6 Jan 2019​2000​OWSP​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)Mon ​07 Jan 2019​0700Mon 0​7 Jan 2019​1600​OWSPISS
Silver MuseWed 0​9 Jan 2019​0800Wed 0​9 Jan 2019​1900​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Thu ​10 Jan 2019​0700Thu ​10 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Viking OrionThu ​10 Jan 2019​0930Thu ​10 Jan 2019​2300​OESP​WSS
Regatta​Thu 10 Jan 2019​0900​Thu 10 Jan 2019​1900​P​WSS
RegattaFri ​11 Jan 2019​0900Sat ​12 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)Mon ​14 Jan 2019​0800Mon ​14 Jan 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
​Seven Seas Mariner​Tue 15 Jan 2019​0700​Tue 15 Jan 2019​1800​P​WSS
Viking OrionWed ​16 Jan 2019​0800​Wed 16 Jan 2019​2300​OWSP​WSS
Seven Seas Mariner​Wed 16 Jan 2019​0900​Thu 17 Jan 2019​1500​OESP​WSS
RegattaFri ​18 Jan 2019​1300​Sat 19 Jan 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
​Pacific EdenMon ​21 Jan 2019​0800Tue ​22 Jan 2019​2000​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Wed ​23 Jan 2019​0700Wed ​23 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Thu ​24 Jan 2019​0700Thu 24 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)​Sat 26 Jan 2019​1200Sat ​26 Jan 2019​2100​OWSP​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Mon ​28 Jan 2019​0600Mon ​28 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Tue ​29 Jan 2019​0700Tue ​29 Jan 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
NoordamThu ​31 Jan 2019​0800Thu ​31 Jan 2019​2359​OWSP​ISS
Silver MuseThu ​31 Jan 2019​0800​Thu 31 Jan 2019​1900​OESP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Fri ​01 Feb 2019​0800Fri 0​1 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Celebrity SolsticeSat 0​2 Feb 2019​0800​Sat 02 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
Seabourn EncoreSun 0​3 Feb 2019​0800Sun 0​3 Feb 2019​2300​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Mon 0​4 Feb 2019​0700​Mon 04 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Silver Muse​Mon 04 Feb 2019​1800​Tue 05 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Seabourn Encore​Mon 04 Feb 2019​0800Mon 0​4 Feb 2019​2300​PI​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Wed 0​6 Feb 2019​0700Wed 0​6 Feb 2019​1700OWSP​​ISS
Viking OrionThu 0​7 Feb 2019​0800Thu 0​7 Feb 2019 ​2300​OWSP​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)​Fri 08 Feb 2019​0700Fri 0​8 Feb 2019​1600OWSP​​ISS
​Azamara Quest​Sat 0​9 Feb 2019​0800​Sat 0​9 Feb 2019​2300​OWSP​WSS
Seabourn EncoreSat 0​9 Feb 2019​0800Sat 0​9 Feb 2019​2300​PI​ISS
Queen Elizabeth (T)Sun ​10 Feb 20190700​Sun ​10 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Seabourn EncoreSun ​10 Feb 20191000​​Sun 10 Feb 2019​2000​OESP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Mon ​11 Feb 2019​0700Mon ​11 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Tue ​12 Feb 2019​0700Tue ​12 Feb 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Viking OrionWed ​13 Feb 2019​0800​Wed 13 Feb 2019​2300​OWSP​WSS
Pacific Eden ​Thu 14 Feb 2019​0800Thu ​14 Feb 2019​1800OWSP​​ISS
​Pacific Jewel (T)Fri ​15 Feb 2019​0700Fri ​15 Feb 2019​1600OWSP​​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Sat ​16 Feb 2019​0700Sat ​16 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Queen Elizabeth (T)Sun ​17 Feb 2019​0700Sun ​17 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Pacific Jewel (T)Mon ​18 Feb 2019​0700Mon ​18 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
AmadeaTue ​19 Feb 2019​0800​Tue 19 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Majestic PrincessWed ​20 Feb 2019​0900Wed ​20 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Noordam​Fri 22 Feb 2019​0800Fri ​22 Feb 2019​1830​OWSP​ISS
Radiance of the Seas (T)Sat ​23 Feb 2019​0600​Sat 23 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
Pacific Jewel (T)Sun ​24 Feb 2019​0600​Sun 24 Feb 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Mon ​25 Feb 2019​0700Mon ​25 Feb 20191600​​OWSP​ISS
NoordamTue ​26 Feb 20190800​Tue ​26 Feb 2019​2359​OWSP​ISS
RegattaTue ​26 Feb 20191000​Wed ​27 Feb 20190300​​OESP​WSS
Carnival Legend (T)Wed ​27 Feb 2019​0800Wed 27 Feb 2019​​1700​OWSP​ISS
Europa​​Wed 27 Feb 2019​1000Overnight stay​OESP​GAC
Europa (T)​Passenger exchangeThu ​28 Feb 2019​1800​OESP​GAC
RegattaWed ​27 Feb 2019​0800Wed ​27 Feb 2019​1800​G​WSS
Pacific EdenThu ​28 Feb 2019​0800Thu ​28 Feb 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Carnival Legend (T)Sun 0​3 Mar 2019​0600​Sun 03 Mar 2019​1600​OWSP​ISS
Celebrity SolsticeThu 0​7 Mar 2019​0800Thu 0​7 Mar 2019​1900​OWSP​WSS
Viking OrionThu 0​7 Mar 2019​0800​Thu 07 Mar 2019​2300​OESP​WSS
​Costa Luminosa​Sat 09 Mar 2019​0800​​Sat 09 Mar 2019​1900​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)​Sun 10 Mar 2019​0700Sun ​10 Mar 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Queen Elizabeth (T)Tue ​12 Mar 2019​0700Tue ​12 Mar 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Sea PrincessThu ​14 Mar 2019​0700Thu ​14 Mar 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Queen Elizabeth (T)Mon ​18 Mar 2019​0700Mon ​18 Mar 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Noordam​Tue 19 Mar 2019​0800Tue ​19 Mar 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
​MSC Magnifica​Thu ​21 Mar 2019​0800​​​​Fri 22 Mar 2019 ​1800​OWSP​ISS
​Europa 2​Thu ​21 Mar 2019​0600​​Fri 22 Mar 2019​1200​OESP​GAC
Viking Sun Thu ​21 Mar 2019​0700Thu ​21 Mar 2019​2000G​WSS
Golden Princess (T)Sat ​23 Mar 2019​0700Sat ​23 Mar 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Seabourn EncoreSat ​23 Mar 2019​1000Sat ​23 Mar 2019​2300​OESP​ISS
Seabourn EncoreSun ​24 Mar 2019​0800​Sun 24 Mar 2019​2300​PI​ISS
Noordam​Wed 27 Mar 2019​0800​​Wed 27 Mar 2019​2359​OWSP​ISS
Queen Elizabeth (T)Sat ​30 Mar 2019​0700Sat ​30 Mar 2019​1800​OWSP​ISS
Noordam​Wed 03 Apr 2019​0800​​Wed 03 Apr 2019​2359​OWSP​ISS
Golden Princess (T)Fri 0​5 Apr 2019​0700​Fri 05 Apr 2019​1700​OWSP​ISS
Celebrity SolsticeWed ​10 Apr 2019​0800Wed ​10 Apr 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
Radiance of the SeasTue ​16 Apr 2019​0800Tue ​16 Apr 2019​1800​OWSP​WSS
​Port of Melbourne berths​Other Victorian ports
​​OWSP = Outer West Station Pier
OESP = Outer East Station Pier
IWSP = Inner West Station Pier
VD = Victoria Dock
​​G = Geelong
M = Mornington Anchorage
P = Portland
PI = Phillip Island

Search Accommodation near Station Pier.

The Hamptons Apartments is located a few minutes walk from Station Pier. A selection of 1 & 2 Bedroom apartments are available. Secure parking is also available.

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At the Hamptons Apartments, you get to indulge in luxury accommodation just a stone’s throw away from the iconic and historic Station Pier. Choose from our stylish 1 & 2 bedroom apartments right in the heart of Port Melbourne.

About Station Pier


Originally known as Railway Pier, Station Pier is the most common pier for cruise ships because it can accommodate the larger size ships. This makes it an ideal stop because of how close it is to all of the attractions Melbourne has to offer.  

Because Station Pier is so close to Melbourne’s city centre, you’ll have many public transport options at your fingertips. Take the 109 City Express Bus, the tram or even the shuttle from the airport. The ride is roughly about twenty minutes to get to the shops and restaurants.

Cruise Ships

Looking to take a cruise? There are hundreds of Melbourne Cruises to choose from. Cruises start from only 2-3 days.

The Terminals

Because there is so much to do in Melbourne, the terminals are revamped to be a friendly informational hub for you to get the information you need to enjoy your time there. It has a lounge that is spacious and comfortable, easy to access restrooms and lifts.

There are many volunteers during the peak cruise season so you will be able to find someone to assist you and they will also be able to give you tips on how to best access the city and all it has to offer.

The Hamptons Apartments the Port Melbourne’s first and currently only hotel, making it an ideal destination for station pier accommodation.

Comfort and Ease

Station Pier is ideally located and leads visitors into Port Phillip Bay where they can enjoy some beach time or magnificent views.

There are many boardwalks to stroll with shops and restaurants to explore. Enjoy the fragrance of Melbourne’s popular coffees and indulge in one as you explore. There are also a lot of little cafes and cozy restaurants that serve brunch or an early dinner in the vicinity.

Once in the city centre, there is no shortage of things to do. There are great places to dine, museums, food and Port Melbourne hotels. Regardless of what experience or adventure you crave, you can be sure Melbourne has it.

Sightseeing Tours

There are various sightseeing tours ready to show you the city if you don’t want to plan this experience on your own.

Many of the tour guides are from the area so they can give you the personalised experience you want with fun facts and commentaries. Many of these companies can take you to popular destinations such as Melbourne’s wine country and Great Ocean Road.

Speak to our Port Melbourne hotel reception staff for some suggestions for sightseeing tours.

Other Areas of Interest in the Vicinity of Station Pier.

Royal Botanical Garden

One of the must-see destinations, the Royal Botanical Gardens features a large area of lush foliage and florals to explore. It is open every day and has a tour and has what’s called the Garden Explorer which is a tram that you can get off and on anywhere you would like to spend a little extra time.

Federation Square

Between 10 am and 2 pm there are free walking tours here so you may want to take advantage of that. It’s an action hub full of galleries, museums, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy a little bit of everything.


Queen Victoria Market has a higher end fashion if you are looking for a little retail therapy on your vacation. It is the largest outdoor market southern hemisphere and can keep you entertained for hours with all the goods it has to offer.  

If you would rather just window shop, there’s a lot to look at and beautiful shops to enjoy. Melbourne shopping has something for everyone.

State Library of Melbourne

This library has activities for the whole family. You can come and see it for its architectural brilliance and history (the Latrobe Reading Room was built in 1913). It is often hosting a plethora of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and lots of fun activities for the kids.


If you’re looking for a place to listen to some great local music, Melbourne has plenty to choose from. Some performers may have a cover charge, but a lot of them perform for free.

Melbourne is a diverse city with something for everyone and the Hamptons Apartments puts you right in the heart of it all. You’ll enjoy luxurious comfort as your very own home away from home while being in the center of the city’s hustle and bustle.